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The Church Of Higher Praise

"A Life Changing Experience - Rebuilding the Foundation"

Covenant Membership

Connecting the Community to Christ!


Whether we are together or alone during the week, we ask our members to pray for each other, the sick and those in pain. We pray for our church, our pastor and staff, our families both inside and outside of our ministry.


We offer many opportunities for service during Sunday worship and throughout the week. We encourage members to volunteer their time and serve the church and their community.

At The Church Higher Praise, covenant membership starts with building "meaningful spiritual relationships" with one another. God instituted covenants and brought about a new covenant, available to all through Christ. Through covenant God continually calls people back to the basics of life he intended for them. Any follower of Christ in invited to become a Covenant Membership.


All of our gifts come from God, and we are called to joyfully give them back to him through being servants. As a member, you are invited to share your gifts of leadership, music, talent, and service in addition to financial gifts. We ask members to make a financial pledge upon joining and to update it at the beginning of each year or when their financial situation changes.


We expect members to attend weekly worship services when they are in town and not ill. Members are encouraged that heir regular presence in worship and in the life of the church is a key way to show that your faith is a priority in your life.


We ask members to share your testimony, to speak or write about how their lives have been changed through. the power of the Lord. We include witness in our special worship services because these changes in our lives are real.